We used the reflecting pool in this wonderful Tiburon home to inform our color choices for accessories in the adjacent living room.


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Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, CWright Design has worked on numerous large scale projects in Belvedere, Tiburon, Mill Valley, Ross, Kentfield, Orinda, Sonoma County, Napa County, Palo Alto, Lake Tahoe, and Santa Barbara (Platinum LEED Certified). CWright Design has also done extensive design work outside of California in Aspen, Colorado, New York City, Morristown and Montclair, New Jersey, Savannah, Georgia, and Potomac, Maryland.

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Spring Colors!

Spring has finally sprung in the San Francisco Bay Area and it seems that everyone is hot for fresh, crisp interiors after a record-braking rainy season. One great indicator of color trends in interiors is the colors that you see in fashion.  The bright colors that we see in the current magazines are just as prevalent in the world of interior design.  Did you know that if you look at the colors of men’s fashion you can look ahead to where interior colors are going?  You just have to wait a year or two!

We are seeing clients yearning for aquas along with their taupe wool sofas, lime greens along with their chestnut mohair chairs, and fuschia or sky blue along with their chocolate linen headboards. We have only to look outside at the early wildflowers to see where these colors come from and why people crave color in this season.  This is such a wonderfully easy fix.  A living room, family room or bedroom can be completely transformed by a few bright throw pillows and accessories.  A bathroom needs only a seasonal change of towels and accessories to look so much happier.  The key is to take your clue for color from adjacent spaces so there is a quiet continuity from room to room. 


What do Giants baseball and interior design have in common? 

Baby Cyrus

I was listening to NPR on my way into San Francisco this morning and they were discussing how San Francisco is all orange and black these days – not for Halloween (although we have less than 2 weeks until the big day!), but because our local baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, has made it to the play-offs.

For some reason I began to think about what it is about baseball and the Giants that has us all so excited, and how it relates to my profession, Interior Design. I know it sounds crazy, but I actually came up with a few key similarities.

For me, the heart of the matter for both is heart! We love our Giants and our wonderful stadium on the bay.  As true fans, we feel a deep relationship with each of the players, and with the team as a whole.  We go to the games and feel a sense of camaraderie.  We are all passionate about the entire experience: the players, the stadium, the food, the sounds, and the orange and black, too!  We cheer for our beloved team, win or lose…kind of like the way we support family: for better or worse. 

Which brings me to the Interior Design link: As a designer I have significant relationships with my clients.  I work closely with them on one of the most intimate of all things, their homes…where they live, raise their families, and are surrounded by the ones who are most important to them. We are passionate about our work together and even label ourselves a team of client, architect, builder, and designer. And, as I think about what constitutes a win in this game of building or remodeling a house, I realize that it is to have created a true home that reflects the client: where they feel comfortable and passionate about living their lives, cooking their food, playing their music, and maybe even hitting a ball in the back yard.

Who knew?